On failing 7DRL

jjmajava on March 15 2015

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So I failed to finish my 7DRL game in time. Work, family responsibilites, blah blah. The real reason is of course that I didn't plan the poject properly.

I'm disappointed but somewhat relieved too. My goal from the start was to make this a proper game, one that at least I myself and perhaps my kids would enjoy playing, not just a quick demo. The jam gave the project a good start, but rushing even slightly interesting playable version out in the two last days would have made me take too many shortcuts and the code has enough of those already.

This was my first game jam and I have to say it's been great: following the other participants progress with their games and getting feedback, even if it's just from random screenshots. I've already played some of the finished ones and looking forward to playing more of them this week. Congratulatios to all who who made it!

Anyway, here are somes lessons (re)learned from 7DRL:

I've now set a goal of getting a playable version out by the end of March. Now, I've said it. I'm now accountable for doing that.


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