The Essence of Gamification in Education

jjmajava on March 04 2013

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I'm throwing a workshop on gamification in education with a colleague of mine next Thursday. This a subject that I actually have very little eperience on, but one that I suspect is going to have some significance in my work in the future.

I hereby offer to the public my work-in-process definition of what this subject ultimately boils down to:

The goal of using gamification in education is to increase the interaction of students with the subject matter by manipulating the learners' emotions in order to reduce the natural resistance of challenging the existing mental models associated with learning new things.

Any comments or feedback on this would be greatly appreciated.


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AlbertMeyburgh | reply
"manipulating the learners' emotions"--psychopaths will end up being excellent teachers, yet poor students!
jjmajava | reply
Well, that should probably (no, absolutely) say it's about manipulating the learning *environment* (rather tan the students directly) to facilitate certain psychological states. So it's not quite as direct to be categorised as creepy or pathological. The main point though is that I believe that by inducing this flow associated with gaming is beneficial for learning mainly because it downplays the resistance we have against learning new stuff.

jpjmarti | reply
One example from physics.

jjmajava | reply
Thanks for the link, Jani! Were you involved with that project personally?