I started Python (again) today

SitwayenJay on February 27 2013

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Dear diary,

I've been trying to pick a high level programming language like Python for a long time. For some reasons, I've always been intimidated when approaching them. I've tried Ruby before and even tho it really looks easy, I just thought I didn't have enough solid ground in programming to tackle it. I couldn't understand what was happening under the hood and it frustrated me. It feels to magic to me.

Then I met Python. Gave it a try, read about the data structures, took a look at the libraries, took lot of notes, etc for some days and then I gave up. I couldn't see where I was going with all this.

For background information, I made my first steps in the codes world with html and css. I don't do anything too fancy tho; just basic html and css with a piece of ahem javascript (read jQuery). But I needed to step up. I had a bunch ideas going over my head and I knew html and css wouldn't get me too far but I have no money to pay a better programmer either.

Then I met Django and found the love of my life (I hope my girlfriend won't read this far). I played with Django for about a week or less and it made me feel like it could solve all my problems. I started devouring all the books and documentation I could find about it. I even successfully developed and tested a mobile app that ran perfectly on my iphone and ipad. I felt I could become a programmer again. So...

I got back with Python today. After a couple of weeks playing around with Django, I realized we would never be together forever without getting things right with Python. While I was with Django, Python didn't change but I did. After my experience with Django, I can say with confidence that I'm ready to tackle my relationship with Python for good. For good!


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sfard | reply
Nice to hear you're getting into Python. Throwww is actually built in Python. I work on a lot of projects and readability is incredibly important for me. I'm notoriously bad at commenting so being able to open up old code and be able to read it (almost as easily) as prose, is what makes Python great IMO. People can run all the benchmarks they want, but there's something invaluable about being able to write something you and others can read later on.
SitwayenJay | reply
Yes, Python is indeed to most readable language I've ever came across in my short, very short coder-wannabe career. I love Throwww, it makes me feel about writing just how Python makes feel about coding; that I can actually do it. Keep the good stuffs coming and thanks for the head up.

jdosstech | reply
Python "unfolds" nicely. You can get useful things done with learning just a little bit of the language in a short amount of time and have fun doing it.