stolksdorf on February 07 2013

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Download it here!

I started doing a healthy thing back in September. Gym, diet, the whole sha-bang. I'll cover these in other posts, but one thing in my research really stuck out to me about weight loss: Tracking your weight makes you lose weight. Yeah seriously.

I'm currently in a routine of waking up, weighing myself and writing it down on a lined piece of paper on our bathroom wall. After a number of months it was time for an upgrade. Check out this little darlin'


Just look at how gorgeous this is. Made by yours truly, with stamps of approval by two graphic designers. I must say, I'm pretty proud of myself.

Every Wednesday I also measure the circumference of my arms, legs, waist, and chest. So I added it to the bottom here as a reminder.

Here it is in the wild
Here it is in the wild

I've made them for the entire year, and uploaded them as PDF here. I also included the Adobe Illustrator files in case you want to play with it a bit.

Go get fit!


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